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Understanding Indirect Spend Impact Upon Profitability

Understanding Indirect Spend Impact upon Profitability The majority of businesses tend to place a much greater emphasis on growing their top line rather than on reducing their costs. In terms of buying, there is that much greater emphasis on how many widgets can be sold at a high margin compared to how locations may be updated to promote maximum sales at minimum costs. It’s extremely important for retailers to create desirable shopping experiences, but not only do these retailers gene...
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Understanding Indirect Spend VS GNFR

Understanding indirect spend VS GNFR
Understanding Indirect Spend VS GNFR Indirect spend is the total costs a company must put forth to operate the business, and GNFR is a subcategory of indirect spend. It includes goods and services purchased from outside vendors that are not resold. These purchases are normally authorized by a purchase order, but indirect spend is not always an actual purchase (e.g., payroll for indirect spend and SGA). This is the key difference regarding indirect spend VS GNFR. Not all indirect spend...
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Understanding Indirect Spend

Calculating indirect spend
Understanding Indirect Spend In any area dealing with procurement, you will likely hear the term “indirect spend,” along with “direct spend.” You might also hear references to “indirect materials,” “GNFR,” “indirect procurement,” “overhead,” and “variable and fixed indirect costs.” It may come as a surprise, but these terms have roots dating back to 1760 during the Industrial Revolution, when cost accounting was first introduced to calculate the cost of a product in order to calculate...
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