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A LUMATRAK Solution Overview

Lumatrak’s PULSE is the next generation companion to existing systems ensuring Suppliers, 3PLs (3rd Party Logistics) and Consolidators ship and deliver on time. 

While your current systems (specifically ERP and P2P[Purchase-to-Pay]) provide financial, purchasing and accounts payable automation, PULSE Supply Chain Management (SCM) monitors and controls the on-time delivery of all the indirect goods purchased to their final destination.

Obliterate the Barrier – Digitize Real-Time Order Delivery Status

The Enterprise has a formidable information-barrier separating it from its suppliers and logistics partners hindering real-time order status.

Between the ERP and P2P processes of creating the purchase order and automating the payment, a black hole remains that fiercely holds onto the order status.

PULSE obliterates the barrier by building a real-time digital link to connect the enterprise to the supplier and logistics partners’ autonomous silos.

End-to-End Supply Chain Control Information Hub

Sitting in the Cloud, Lumatrak’s End-to-End Supply Chain Data Interchange Information Hub continuously collects data from inside and outside the enterprise. 

Purchase orders, projects and other critical data are collected from the enterprise and merged with supplier, logistics partners and contractors order status to create unique user views.

The result is real-time monitoring and control of the indirect supply chain ensuring deliveries are completed on-time.

Lumatrak PULSE Supply Chain Delivery Solution

PULSE SaaS solution offers unique opportunities to gain control and ensure on time delivery to control the risks to the business.

Application Features:

  • Real-time order status for all Non-Merchandise purchases
  • Individual project views with bill of material, order status, delivery scheduling, received capture and reporting, truck shipment status, damage claims and warranty collection
  • Global view of all indirect spend categories presented in unique views: projects, supplies, security, systems, inventory and distribution orders
  • Weekly supplier and logistics partners On-Time and In-Full scoring to manage accountability
  • Enterprise and partner secured information sharing filtered by user type and responsibility

Lumatrak PULSE Benefit

Without a reliable means to discover when a purchase order will arrive, determining the status of that PO is challenging. Too much time and effort are wasted calling and emailing suppliers and sourcing asking “where’s my stuff?” Late deliveries impact project deadlines, stock outs, wastes capital and affects profits due to lost sales.

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