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Lumatrak has pioneered the way for more intelligent and efficient indirect spend by providing critical real-time order fulfillment intelligence, information not found in ERP and Procure to Pay systems. While there’s overwhelming evidence that implementing a Procure-to-Pay system with ERP significantly increases financial controls and reduces costs, these systems completely omit the On-Time Delivery supplier execution side of the equation.

Lumatrak resolves these omissions by delivering 1) supplier shipment performance visibility from the beginning of the purchase to the settlement and 2) real-time visibility of the Consolidator/3PL receiving the supplier shipment and forwarding on to the store. With Lumatrak, you have the only tools available on the market for real-time order fulfillment status monitoring of purchases for indirect spend. It’s the key to making informed decisions as quickly as possible, from anywhere at any time.

Did the supplier receive the PO, will it ship on time, was it shipped, was it shipped complete and was it received? These are all questions you’ve probably asked yourself and others many times. Before Lumatrak, labor intensive spreadsheets were the primary tools of choice to track the indirect spend shipments. Finding the answers you needed quickly was downright challenging. Lumatrak’s On-Time Delivery Control tools give you the answers you need fast, acting as the missing link connecting finance and operations to provide the rest of the story.

OTD as the missing link
On-Time Delivery is the missing link.

A More Comprehensive Information Hub

The Lumatrak Information Hub does the painstaking work of gathering data from the full spectrum of key systems and platforms inside and outside your enterprise. Now you have real-time visibility across your entire organization (including, but not limited to, ERP, SCM, and proprietary databases), and even insights into how your suppliers, consolidators, 3PLs and contractors are performing.

Lumatrak’s cloud-based hub organizes and manages the transactions and big data. It consolidates both one-to-many and many-to-many data flow models. This further enables technology and business collaboration with multi-directional communication and process capability.

Connectivity and Collaboration Features:

  • Integration of company and business partner systems.
  • Multichannel connectivity via portal, web and ftp.
  • Electronic interchange of critical data and transactions.
  • Integration of the value chain information into a single cloud-based database.
  • Governed by company-defined business rules, events and workflows.

Connectivity and Collaboration Functions:

  • End-to-end order-to-receipt tracking.
  • Supply chain event monitoring.
  • Automated disruption alerts, with resolution tracking.
  • Enterprise and business partner multi-directional collaboration.
  • 3PL and business partner multi-directional collaboration.
  • Enterprise and 3PL multi-directional collaboration.
  • Supplier and 3PL Scorecards.
  • Internal and business partner accountability management.

Smarter Visibility

Powered by the Information Hub, Lumatrak Intelligent Dashboards add an active sensing technology to highlight key order fulfillment decision areas. This is where transactions and big data are consolidated, filtered, parsed, and summarized into smart data (comprised of real-time, valuable, and actionable information).

At a basic level, the Lumatrak Intelligent Dashboards provide a variety of customizable sensing and reporting tools covering an extensive range of critical areas, including upstream/downstream logistics, and project visibility.

But what makes the Dashboards truly intelligent is their ability to quickly research a broad set of data and transaction combinations to measure performance and assess execution. The intelligence reports generated by this research feature can be instantly accessed, saved for later use, or published and shared with internal and/or external business partners. You’ll have the information you need to make real-time decisions to solve problems fast as well as the insights required to uncover the root cause and determine how to prevent these challenges in the future.

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