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Lumatrak’s PULSE engineers intelligent On-Time Delivery Control across silos, platforms, systems and enterprises. We employ a cloud-based solution to combine unprecedented upstream and downstream network connectivity with visibility tools to provide real-time, actionable information. The solution informs you immediately when there’s an issue at hand regarding your GNFR’s On-Time Delivery, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively.

With PULSE, you receive a unique and measurable advantage in executing demand-driven indirect spend On-Time Delivery.

For most companies, order fulfillment visibility is restricted to disconnected silos. Through Lumatrak, your stakeholders can focus on using the data rather than collecting it.


Despite the growing buzz surrounding “end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions,” most companies find their action-critical order fulfillment information for indirect spend remains locked in fragmented, disconnected silos and spreadsheets. And, in many cases, it remains totally hidden from those who need it the most.

PULSE simply puts everything you need to know about the shipment status of your order at your fingertips – together in a single consolidated platform. To build a truly global order fulfillment visibility hub, we employ a sophisticated and proven cloud-based architecture to connect real-time data across all platforms, systems, and enterprises – revealing time-sensitive data to all relevant stakeholders in real-time.
PULSE doesn’t replace your existing systems and processes. It transcends them. For the first time, internal ERP and SCM data and transactions are combined with external supplier and 3PL data and transactions, to provide unprecedented visibility through the entire indirect spend order cycle.

Gathering and organizing all of your big data can have a revolutionary impact on a myriad of indirect spend projects, in and of itself. But there’s more.

PULSE consolidates all critical data on a single cloud-based platform.


Not only does Lumatrak integrate the broadest scope of useful information, we also organize and prioritize all that data into use-specific supplier fulfillment performance visibility dashboards.

The PULSE dashboard uses green, yellow, orange, and red highlights to indicate which areas are running smoothly and which need attention – either as potential problems or existing exceptions that require urgent response.

Lumatrak software shows everything you need to know about the supplier and 3PL fulfillment status, highlighting potential kinks in your supply chain.

Wouldn’t you find it valuable to be alerted when:

  • a supplier acknowledges the purchase order with the incorrect quantity, months before a partial shipment arrives, too late to reorder?

  • just prior to shipment, the supplier will be late because the material is backordered?

  • the 3PL is unable to meet the desired ship date even though the supplier shipped on time?

PULSE doesn’t just make transactions and big data available to you. Key action items are highlighted to help you make order management decisions that are more timely and productive on every level.

Consolidated data allows for connections that reveal powerful cause/effect relationships. This drives profitability, lowers costs, promotes agility, and mitigates risks.

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