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Explainer Videos

Supply Chain Management for the Rest of Us

Lumatrak’s Lum-Metrics Dashboard Demonstration

Lumatrak provides a 360° view of your entire Supply Chain.

Your teams both in the home office and at project sites can dig down into the different PULSE views to get what they need to perform.

Your suppliers’ can also show you how they can use PULSE to improve your business!

Supply Chain Management for all of your Non-Merchandise purchases

The latest Supply Chain Technology toolset designed specifically for Goods Not for Resale.

Learn how Lumatrak’s PULSE could streamline communications between retailers and suppliers, increase ordering efficiency, and increase data for analysis 100%.

Typically, state of the art Supply Chain Technology is reserved for merchandise, but Lumatrak’s PULSE was designed specifically for non-merchandise in other words the Rest of Us!

Connect, Collect, and Share

Vendor Compliance Support System

Connect – to all of your suppliers

Collect – Real-Time Order Status Data

Share – with all of your internal and external stakeholders