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Non-Merchandise Fulfillment Control

Implementing Lumatrak’s PULSE Supply Chain Information Hub and Intelligent Dashboard technologies will dramatically expand your capability to execute projects successfully and detect problems early. PULSE will enable you to better control and manage delivery risks of your Indirect Procurement.

Lumatrak is your primary resource for continuously improving indirect spend planning, execution and performance.

Areas of Focus

Each enterprise has a unique set of indirect spend delivery drivers to support the business – along with a distinct set of needs and priorities. That’s why Lumatrak technologies are fully customizable.

Our comprehensive array of order fulfillment control solutions serves as an effective management tool and also allows for limited implementations or incremental roll-outs.

Lumatrak provides essential Supply Chain Control solutions for:

Construction Visibility

  • New store and remodels construction on time deliveries
  • New store and remodel fixture on time deliveries
  • Contractor scheduling
  • Contractor milestone
  • Excess inventory and disposition
  • Asset warranty collection
  • Temporary construction warehouse inventory

3PL Bulk Order Inventory Visibility

  • Replenishment visibility
  • Bulk shipment visibility
  • Receipt verification visibility
  • Project shipment visibility

Consumables Visibility

  • GNFR visibility
  • Commodities visibility


  • Installation Visibility

Visibly Advanced

Lumatrak technologies equip our clients to make their indirect supply chains more efficient in measurable ways. But we go beyond that. We become a transformative catalyst, delivering substantial value in the following high-level areas:

  • Risk Management Visibility
  • Supply Chain Execution Visibility
  • Governance Visibility
  • Compliance Visibility
  • Sustainability Visibility
  • Project Visibility
  • Analytics and Cost-to-Serve Visibility
  • End-to-End Workflow Visibility
  • Performance Visibility

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