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PULSE Solutions for the Covid-19 Crisis

Solutions for COVID-19 Infected Non-Merchandise Supply Chains

Non-Merchandise Supply Chain that is being swarmed with Coronavirus.
How has Covid-19 disrupted your Non-Merchandise Supply Chain?

Adjusting to COVID-19’s New Normal

Overnight our world was turned upside down by the pandemic. Projects in-progress and planned had to be shut down and rescheduled. Simultaneously, stores had to prepare for the New Normal – Social distancing and constant cleaning.

In the New Normal, teams working within the supply chain are having to manage ever-evolving rules and phased openings across multiple states and localities, all with their own timetables, a daunting task.

Lumatrak has the Perfect Remedy for COVID-19 Supply Chain Woes

Lumatrak’s PULSE cloud-based solution provides real-time information, alerts and reports to manage the multiple supply chain demands created by the pandemic.

Here are a few examples:

  • Real-time Internal (Retailer) & External (Supplier) project delivery plan visibility: Keeps all parties connected and up-to-date on the ever-evolving delivery plans.

  • Store level order and delivery visibility for social distancing goods purchases: Keeps Store Associates informed on delivery of critical goods to protect the business and front-line staff.

  • Real-time reports on expected deliveries, inability to deliver and late deliveries: Provides the Supply Chain Associates early warning of potential issues and alerts on current issues.

To learn more about how Lumatrak’s PULSE Non-Merchandise Supply Chain Management system could help your company manage through the Covid-19 crisis, contact the team at Lumatrak today.