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The study and practice of Indirect Procurement is ever evolving, yielding new insights and pathways to profitability. Mark this page for the latest Case Studies, Research Findings and White Papers.

Gaining Real-time Order Status is integral to ensure that all of your orders are arriving just as they’re supposed to. Checking on the status for every order in one single location could be a huge time saver. Watch this video to learn how Lumatrak connects to all of your suppliers, collects all of their shipment data, and shares all of that data with your organization giving your teams a single place to check on all order statuses.

Connect, Collect, and Share

Checkout this presentation: Lumatrak’s PULSE On-Time Delivery Solution is the next generation to gain control of your Indirect Spend. Watch this video to find out how we could save your company millions.

Got Control? Check your PULSE!

Download this Whitepaper: Many companies are struggling with issues that come out of executing cutting-edge store development plans. Increasing revenue and maintaining profitability make for an unrelenting battle. Solving problems that could not only decrease indirect costs but also increase revenue should be a priority.

Whitepaper: The Importance of On-Time Delivery Control in Cost Management

Download the Case Study: The world’s largest retail chain is micro-focused on managing the risks of missing a new store grand opening date, stagnated remodels and delayed repairs due to goods not being delivered On-Time and In-Full. Like most companies in their industry, they once operated in a vast upstream supply chain without the benefit of end-to-end delivery visibility to answer even basic questions, such as, “Where’s my stuff?”

Case Study: The World’s Leading Retailer Manages Supplier Shipments Delivery with LUMATRAK’s PULSE Project-Based Visibility System

In this paper you will learn: Essential concepts and terms for On-Time Delivery Control. Insights into the advantage of a comprehensive information hub. Practical tips for implementation.

Digitizing End-to-End Order Fulfillment Control to Ensure On-Time Delivery FAQs