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Collaborative Response

Collaborative Responses
Creating a Collaborative Platform Over the last several weeks, I have talked about my supply chain digitization journey while managing a multi-billion-dollar procurement organization for one of the largest retailers in the US. Over a period of several years, we developed a platform that provided continuous intelligence, advanced analytics, and outcome analysis for our supply chain. Disparate teams collaborate together Increasing collaboration between your teams Today, I want to focu...
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Outcome Analysis

Impact Analysis
Outcome Analysis Last week, we touched on Advanced Analytics and the need to share supply chain status information with the broader stakeholder group in a clear, useful, predictive and actionable form. We achieved this through developing stakeholder specific modules. Importance of getting my purchases onsite Material delivery to projects is critical to the success of opening stores on schedule. Delayed materials result in missing dates. In some cases, a project would be left incomp...
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Advanced Analytics

Benefitting from using advanced analytics
Advanced Analytics Last week, we discussed Continuous Intelligence. When embarking on digitizing your supply chain, a first step is to shift responsibility for communicating current order status onto the suppliers resulting in the collection of real-time, actionable information for the business. Sharing data throughout the enterprise The next step in the digitization journey is to create a way to present this information to your stakeholders. The information has to be clear, useful...
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Continuous Intelligence

Continuous intelligence visualization
Continuous Intelligence Last week, we shared the components of a digitized supply chain. These are: Continuous Intelligence Advanced Analytics Outcome Analysis Collaborative Responses Unpacking Continuous Intelligence Today, we're going to unpack the idea of Continuous Intelligence. Prior to digitizing the supply chain, there's a lot of wasted time and resources in research, supplier communications, and business level communications to track and expedite materials to ...
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Managing Supply Chain Resiliency

Strong Supply Chain
Managing Supply Chain Resiliency This note is the first in a series where Hal Capshaw will share his experiences leading a multi-billion-dollar procurement team. Lessons from Covid-19 One of the most important lessons of Covid-19 on the supply chain professional is the need to access real-time, accurate information about the status of the supply chain. And, the need to build resiliency into the supply chain to offset the inevitable disruptions. Digitizing your Supply Chain Wh...
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Introducing Lumatrak’s Newest Team Member

Introducing Lumatrak's Newest Team Member Hal Capshaw recently joined Lumatrak after spending over a decade leading the procurement team supporting the real estate division of one of the largest retailers in the country. Hal was responsible for $3 billion in spend across operational supplies, merchandise fixtures, equipment and systems, building materials and services. Supply Chain Challenges Hal Faced Hal's team constantly faced challenges without clear visibility to their supplie...
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