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Understanding GNFR Demand Planning Impact Upon the Perfect Order & Delivery

Understanding GNFR Demand Planning Impact Upon the Perfect Order & Delivery Demand planning can be defined as understanding and planning for the resources needed by different companies. Typically, demand planning (or forecasting) refers to projecting customer demand for GFR (goods for resale) products, but in this case, we’re focusing on the demand that companies have for GNFR (goods not for resale). In this blog, we are zeroing in on a retail enterprise’s projections of the deman...
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Understanding GNFR Perfect Delivery

Acquiring the Perfect Delivery
Understanding GNFR Perfect Delivery Previously, we discussed the GNFR Perfect Order and everything needed to achieve it. GNFR is a complex area in terms of the number of suppliers, number of product/service categories, number of transactions, and number of internal stakeholders. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn there are various pieces that must move into alignment to succeed in ordering the right goods at the right time so they’re delivered to the right location when th...
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Understanding GNFR Perfect Order

GNFR perfect purchase order, or Perfect Order
Understanding GNFR Perfect Order In this blog series, the topic of goods not for resale (GNFR) is one that has appeared quite a few times. This is due to the fact that, when it comes to improving a company’s bottom line, there’s no area that goes overlooked as often as GNFR. As previously stated, GNFR is made up of all purchases of goods and services that do not go into the final sellable product. However, though such items are not sold to customers, they’re essential for a company’s ...
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Understanding the GNFR Supply Chain

E2E visibility of the GNFR supply chain
Understanding the GNFR Supply Chain GNFR supply chain optimization is one of the keys to the future of big business. GNFR spend varies widely depending upon company type. As opposed to a service firm, such as one specializing in accounting, or a marketing firm, a retailer incurs a significant GNFR spend. For those companies with a significant GNFR spend, one of the biggest strides that can be made to cut costs and maximize profitability is increasing the management of the GNFR supply cha...
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