Increase Control of Indirect Spend with Real-Time On-Time Delivery Control

In order to mitigate risks as quickly as possible and ensure your shipments arrive on time, you and your team need real-time access to critical On-Time Delivery information. Most of all, you need answers to your most important questions:

Lumatrak’s PULSE solution answers these questions and more by providing real-time information so you can expertly manage all of the steps in your supply chain from the first to the last mile.  By combining a Purchase-to-Pay solution on the accounting side with PULSE On-Time Delivery Control on the operational side, you create a 360 approach (from purchase to On-Time Delivery to payment and beyond) to drive efficiencies and lower costs.

PULSE creates the Single Source of Truth by blending internal enterprise purchase information (ERP, Strategic Sourcing, and SCM) plus project plans with supplier and contractor order fulfillment status to provide On-Time Delivery Control. The Cloud delivers real-time indirect spend On-Time Delivery information to everyone involved at the right time, empowering your team to make great decisions, perform at higher levels while increasing overall accountability.